First female Certified Recomp Coach in Australia. ISSN Sports Nutritionist. Qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Mentored by Damon Hayhow. I have 7+ years’ experience helping hundreds of clients achieve their body goals.

Competition achievements include: GPC National Raw Deadlift Open Women Record 2012 (150kg). Bench Press Open Women Record 2012 (65kg) at 56kg bodyweight. IFBB Qld Figure Runner-Up 2011.

My best training achievement to date is deadlifting 200kg in 2016 (conventional, at 61kg body weight). It was not a “competition legal” lift, but is a personal highlight of my own training and it’s the result of years’ of hard work and dedication. My goal is to continue getting stronger, working on weaknesses over time, while staying lean year-round (I like having abs!). I’m passionate about lifting heavy – weight lifting doesn’t just change you physically, it transforms you mentally and emotionally – for the better. If you want to lose weight, or get stronger, or build your confidence, or all of these things, contact me today for a FREE consultation to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.


train and eat how the person you want to be trains and eats! 

Amy Thompson - Body Recomposition Specialist


customised strength training programs and diets


I specialise in body recompostioning, providing customised strength training programs and diets to help you achieve your desired physique. If your goal is to get leaner, stronger, put on muscle, or lose weight, I will customise a suitable diet and training program to help you achieve your goal.

My online coaching service includes a training program, a diet and meal plan (adjusted weekly), and weekly check-in (email or skype) to keep you accountable.

Diets are available without a training program (suited to people who already have a solid training regime in place), and training programs are available without a diet (suited to people who already have a solid diet). 

All diets and programs are written based on information you provide in a questionnaire (emailed after purchase). You will then receive login details within 2 working days to access your diet and or program online.

Please get in touch with me if you would like more information on how I can help you achieve your goal.


  • – Customised diet and meal plan to suit your goal
  • – You get to choose foods you enjoy
  • – I believe in fuelling the body correctly – no calorie deficits!
  • – You get a list of exact foods and quantities to consume every day
  • – Access to exclusive online software where you view your diet and suggested meal plan

COST: $129 (AUD)   


  • – Weekly diet update based on your body composition data (using body weight scale + tape measure or skin fold caliper). 
  • – Feedback on your training (as per the workouts you input). You can also send me videos of your working sets for feedback to help you make faster progress! 
  • – Technique advice or demo videos on any exercises you need help with
  • – Ongoing email / TXT support
  • – You can be anywhere in the world to take advantage of this service
  • – 4 week service. After 4 weeks if you’d like to continue, simply purchase another 4 weeks. 

COST: $250 (AUD) for 4 weeks. 


  • – The body you want is stronger than you! All programs are built with the goal to get stronger. 
  • – Based on YOUR strength level. 
  • – No cardio – the body you want is built through strength training. Want to look toned, athletic, strong? Get stronger. 
  • – Access to the unique clients-only App “Recomposer 2 Companion”
  • – Input workouts, your track progress on every exercise using the built-in 1RM calculator!
  • – You can be anywhere in the world to use a program – as long as you have gym equipment and internet connection to use the App. 
  • – As many workouts per week as you want
  • – All weights, sets, reps specified on every workout. 

COST: $129 (AUD) 


  • – Learn how to push yourself to your physical limit on every exercise, to force your body to change – taking you closer to the body you want! 
  • – Learn how to train to get stronger, not just “get a pump” or “going through the motions”
  • – This is not personal training for fitness, it’s coaching on how to train for rapid progress to build the body you want! 
  • – Learn how to do what is expected on your training program and achieve the targets set out – all based on your strength-level. 
  • – What you learn from just ONE session will change the way you train forever. 
  • – One off sessions without purchasing a program are available, or purchase a as many as you need, in addition to your program online coaching service.
  • – You get to be trained in the state-of-the-art private coaching studio at Recomp HQ Melbourne CBD. You will be using high-quality equipment with no interruptions or compromises. 

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