Client Testimonials

Eva Weiss -

View Eva’s transformation and read her interview here

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Tricia Griffin -












Before: April 2012. After: June 2012. 3 month transformation!

“My experience training with Amy has been nothing but positive and empowering. My initial assessment with Adam was spent questioning what I wanted to achieve and then discussing how their training program would work to get these results. Establishing the understanding up front that the path ahead was going to be hard work and required complete dedication made the decision for me to surrender myself to the process an easy one. My mind was set that I needed to adopt an all or nothing approach…

Amy’s training skills; knowledge, understanding and compassion have been consistently exceptional. Support was provided above and beyond what I was expecting; it was evident that this was not just a job for her but a passion. Amy guided me through her carefully written training program, taking me from 3 chiropractic visits a week, to now lifting a 100kg deadlift bar! Astonishing! I have changed my lifestyle completely, which included giving up alcohol (best decision I ever made!); 100% adaptation to diet changes and prioritising my training appointments as ‘not negotiable’. I would recommend Amy to anyone wanting to improve their strength, health, confidence and lifestyle. I have not been happier and am excited everyday to know that with each week I’ll be an even better, stronger person than the week before.”

Tricia’s body recomposition & strength results from Aug 2011 to May 2013:
Started at 66.8kg at 27% body fat – got to 58kg at 19% body fat. That’s 7kg fat loss! Starting strength – bench press 35kg, squat 40kg, deadlift 60kg (1 rep max determined at strength test), strength in May ’13 – bench press 60kg, squat 90kg, deadlift 100kg.

Tricia won the Powerzone 12 week body transformation challenge in June 2012, featured in the “Natural Bodz” magazine. The shots depict the results she achieved in just a 3-month period alone! (April to June 2012).


Carey Boyce -

carey beforecarey after

Before: October 2011. After: December 2013.

“After 12 years of ‘commercial’ gym training and eating a ‘healthy’ diet, I hadn’t reached the outcome I desired. 1 year ago; at 35 years old, with 2 children and a full time career…..I met Amy, went onto Recomposer and totally transformed my body. Amy taught me 2 vital things…
You can lift more than you think you can.. And you can work harder than you think you can. Recomposer gives you a goal to reach for every single set, so you learn to train with focus and determination to reach that goal. Everything you do is logged in BRS and you can watch your progress from week to week. I achieved everything in 1 year on Recomposer and with Amy, that I attempted to achieve for 12 years following other programs and diets.”

Carey’s body recomposition results & strength results from Jan 2012 to Jan 2013:
Started at 56.5kg at 24.1% body fat – got to 62kg at 14.2% body fat. That’s 10kg muscle gain and 4.8kg fat loss! Starting strength – bench press 50kg, squat 70kg, deadlift 90kg (1 rep max determined at strength test), strength in Jan 2013 – bench press 80kg, squat 120kg, deadlift 150kg. Current diet – 2400 calories! Started at 1600 calories, increased every 1 – 2 weeks… Now running on around 2400 calories and staying lean all year round! … No starvation diets and no cardio!


Keren Bond -

“Can not recommend Amy highly enough if you are wanting to change your body to exactly how you want it to look, even when you think it is not possible.  Thanks to Amy I lost over 16kg’s and never imagined this was possible after trying every weight loss gimmick out there, regular gyms and PT sessions over and over again to loose some weight then put it all plus more back on.  In saying this I have never eaten so much food in my life whilst watching the scales and body fat % go down consistently every week.  She goes above and beyond for all her clients and always has your best interests at heart.  I would recommend Amy to anyone who is serious about weight loss or just wants to improve their strength levels and overall health.  Sad to see so much garbage out there when it comes to fitness, health and weight loss/management – what these guys at Recomp do is the real deal, no fluffing around – just honest hard work combined with proper nutrition.  Yes you will work hard, but the rewards are more than worth it.  I never knew my body to be so lean and so strong.  Thanks Amy, words cant express how thankful I am, that you have changed my view on eating in general and the proper way to feed and fuel my body to loose and maintain my weight.” – Keren Bond

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