4 Week Custom Training Program

Programs are accessed on your smartphone’s web browser, so you can be anywhere in the world to take advantage of a customised program. 

The software tells you the exact reps and weight on every exercise at every workout (using a 1-rep-max calculator). There is no guesswork and no ambiguity. It truly transforms the way you look at training. All weights are based on YOUR strength level. You can have as many workouts per week as you want. You will need some weight training experience to use our programs, or if you have no weight training experience, you must be willing to find a qualified strength trainer to coach you through at least the first week of the program.

example of a program in the Recomposer Software. Each workout has the exercise, working sets, and reps specified. You simply input your weight and reps as you train.












Purchase a 4 Week Program @ $129 each. 

Once I receive your payment, you will get an interview form via email. Once I have the completed interview form, you will receive login details to access your program online using the Recomposer software, with instructions on how to input your workouts, and how to warm up.

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