Client Testimonials

Laura – 

Working with Amy Thompson at Recomp HQ has completely changed my life. I am a now strong, lean, healthy, happy and confident within my own skin and body.

When I met Amy I was 66kg, with 25% body fat. I ate and drank whatever I wanted and “trained” from a cardio-only perspective at the gym. I was unhappy with how I looked, was desperate for help and guidance and a challenge to complete in 2018.

Within five months of working with Amy, I dropped to 60kg with 18% body fat. How did this happen?
1. I follow an easy, healthy diet of protein, carbs, fats and vegetables.
2. I said goodbye to alcohol.
3. I am held accountable by weekly body fat tests.
4. I train twice a week on my own – actually lifting weights!
5. And most importantly, I commit to 2 x 1 hour coaching sessions each week with Amy.

With Amy’s guidance, I’m consistently getting stronger every session; I’ve been able to push through mental barriers I never thought possible and continue to increase my goal body composition. This form of training and new way of living has completely changed my life. Every week I look forward to training with Amy and having her push me. We’ve also developed a great friendship, something else that has made this a great experience. I’m so excited to get stronger and leaner. I don’t have any before photos of myself, because I avoided them, but these photos show where I’m currently at (skirt bought right before I started training) and how much my body has changed through this way of living.




Laura. Age: 32. Height: 175cm. Photos: Laura at 60kg, 18% body fat. No “before” photo, but the skirt she’s wearing used to fit tightly when she was 66kg, 25% body fat.


Mara -

Before I met Amy I had never really lifted weights. I didn’t even know what a deadlift was. I’d also dabbled with every diet you could imagine – low carb, extreme calorie restriction, intermittent fasting, you name it. Always on the hunt for the easiest way to get a “hot body”, but I never got the results I wanted because I never actually committed to anything.

So why did I choose Recomp HQ? Because I finally decided that enough was enough, I was sick of my own bullshit, and I wanted to find a one stop shop where I could finally achieve what I wanted.

Recomp and Amy changed everything for me. Firstly – a solid diet, with foods I enjoy eating, and none of this starving yourself bullshit. Real food. Real quantities. Reviewed weekly and changed to your liking as necessary. Everything is measured and there is no guesswork. And as for the training….well, I never thought I’d get a thrill from putting 430kg on the leg press or picking up 120kg on a deadlift. Training with Amy is epic. I leave feeling strong AF. Amy is encouraging, she pushes you and makes you believe you can do it when your mind is trying to talk you out of it. And she is genuinely stoked for you when you get a PB on a lift. She’s with you every step of the way and I can’t believe what I’ve achieved under her guidance. Through diet and training, Amy took me from 28.1% to 17% body fat. My strength in all my major lifts have sky rocketed. And I mentally feel so much better – stronger, confident, happier. My only regret is that I didn’t find Amy and Recomp sooner. It is hands down one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

Nancy -

My main aim was to increase strength in my legs and rebuild my core as I had had 2 c-sections in 2 and a half years. I needed to do this training only 2 times a week. Within 5 months (June 2017 to November 2017), I reached my goal of 16% body fat, from 22.4% in and dropped from 64kg to 56kg. Although I was quiet lean leading up to my pregnancies, this is the first time I feel lean, strong and healthy. No crazy diets, I eat more than I ever did and I cheat every so often! No repetitive cardio, precise weight training that doesn’t waste any time but pinpoints what I need to get stronger and better my strength week by week. I couldn’t ask for a better more efficient trainer than Amy, her patience and attitude is both understanding and motivating. No better place than Recomp to get actual results.

nancy beforenancy after






Nancy. Age 33. Height 164cm. Before: A few months before Recomp. After: March 2018 (She didn’t want her face shown).


Joy Cui -
Amy brings me to a new level.” That is what I want to say. I have been doing weight training for the past two years and been stuck on gaining strength and dropping body fat. Then I met Amy and totally transformed my body. New technique and new movement has been taught and more food added. The most important thing is, every single thing has been recorded and been measured, everything is under control, guess what, I gained nearly 1kg lean muscle and dropped 2.6kg fat in 6 months (January 2018 to June 2018). 

I train 3-4 times per week, 1.5hrs every time. No cardio, just weight training. I do not need to memorise how much weight I need to use because Recomposer does all the work for me. I eat 2158 calories per day and also I do not need to memorise what food to eat because it is all in Recomposer system. I use less time but gain more result, that is efficient and that is her ability.

So girls, if you seriously want to transform your body, Amy definitely is the one you want to see. Just telling her what to want to become and what you like to eat, she will organize all the programs for you. All you need to do is to follow the instructions, train hard, rest well and surprise yourself in the mirror every day. 

Body recomposition & strength results from Dec 2017 to Jun 2018: Started at 51.3kg at 22.8% body fat – got to 49.2kg at 18.4% body fat. That’s 2.6kg fat loss! Bench press from 50kg to 54kg in 6 months.

Jenna -

I have been working with Amy at Recomp since Nov 2016. I started with Amy around 32% body fat and am now 22% (May 2018). I’ve always weighed alot for my height so my goal was to never get down to a certain weight, it was always about losing the fat, and I hate cardio so finding Amy and Recomp was a perfect fit for me.

Throughout the last 18 months, the biggest change has been my overall attitude to life; the fat loss is just an added bonus. I was previously stuck on the Friday night wine binge/eat super healthy for the rest of the week cycle and just getting nowhere.

Whilst my transformation hasn’t been as fast or dramatic as some, I’ve had numerous hurdles during the time I’ve been with Amy. The biggest being the diagnosis and subsequent death of my mum from Cancer. During that time Amy was super understanding that training had to take a back seat but was totally on board afterwards when I threw myself into training to cope with the grief. I also decided to compete in my first powerlifting competition to give me something else to work towards – not just the fat loss. I’ve had a number of injuries over the last 18 months as well, with Amy needing to change my program in order to work around my sometimes broken body!
The weekly check-ins have been invaluable in keeping me on track; there is no cheating them and the ‘fat pinches’ never lie…… I really enjoy the style of training with Recomp as I’m a bit of an overachiever and am the type of person to push myself at every session so it suits my personality.
I could not highly recommend Amy enough for a no-bullshit approach to training. She is highly professional and has always given me honest feedback when I needed it.



Eva Weiss -

eva weiss transformation before after feature image













Age: 39. Height: 175cm. Photos: Before: 32% body fat. After: 18%.


Q – What led you to Recomp HQ?

A – I have been a yo-yo dieter my whole life. I lose 10-15 kg’s and then I put on 10-15kg’s. My past attempts to lose weight were never sustainable. After much research, I learned that adding muscle to my body (getting toned) was a way to increase my metabolism which would enable me to eat more! I was prepared to work but I wasn’t prepared to starve. I interviewed 3 personal trainers and they all offered me generic programs, which I rejected. Then, finally I stumbled across Recomp HQ in an ad.

Q – Who or what was your motivator to start the training and diet program?

A – Whether I like it or not, my body image relates to how I conduct myself in society. My dissatisfaction with my body inhibits me in EVERY way. My confidence declines socially ( I don’t want to meet new people), work wise (don’t put up my hand as often as I should) and personally (lights are off!

Q – The results that you achieved over such a short time frame are amazing. Many people struggle to follow through with their goals, what kept you on track?

A – Change is a very powerful motivator. I lost fat and gained muscle in the very first week, and nearly every week thereafter. My measurements kept getting smaller, my fat was depleting and I was getting stronger and leaner, in such a short amount of time. I was excited about my progress and was genuinely enjoying the process.

Q – How many days a week did you spend in the gym?

A – Only ever 3 days (1 to 1 ½ hours per training session).

Q – How would you compare the training you did to achieve this result compared to what you’ve done in the past? (more planned and directed).

A – I had never spent time in the ‘weights room’ of a gym before. I didn’t really understand what ‘deadlifting’ was: ‘Isn’t that what Olympians did?’ But learning this new skill was such a wonderful surprise. The program is set up to always challenge you. Each time I walked into that weights room, I was always striving. A better weight, one more rep, one more kiIo, I never got bored, I was always too busy competing with myself. The monotony of running and the cross trainer, killed my enthusiasm in the past .…so I’d always eventually stop.

Q – Was the nutrition plan easy to follow, what was it like in comparison to your previous way of eating?

A – The nutrition was a huge surprise. I’d always associate losing weight with restriction and depravation, so when Amy put me on a high carb diet (which goes against every magazine diet article ever written) and told me to eat over 2000 calories…I thought she had been sniffing the car fumes outside! But, I was wrong. The diet plan was flexible, I was able to choose what I liked and change it whenever I liked (after first discussing it with Amy of course). It was planned and easy to follow and most importantly I wasn’t hungry.

Q – Did you use any supplements? (except protein powder)

A – No, but I actually did ask for some. I wrongly assumed that lifting weights meant I needed to take a plethora of tubs of powders and potions. But Amy explained that when you eat the correct nutrition, all throughout the day, there was no need for anything extra. Again, she was right.

Q – Do you think “cheat meals” are a benefit or a hindrance when it comes to reaching weight loss goals in general? If you ate off the nutrition plan (over ate or under ate, or just had some different foods) did it set you back?

A – I am a mother of three children, so I spend much time in the kitchen baking and cooking. I have many parties and social engagements throughout the year. So, during those functions, I participated and ate what everyone else did. I didn’t want to be anti – social or feel like I was depriving myself. Early on in the program, when I ate ‘off’ the plan, I would try counteract my overeating by eating too few calories the following day. This actually made things worse; my body would retain water and bloat. I’ve since learned that if I eat properly 99% of the time, but occasionally have a ‘cheat meal’ and always put in 100% at my 3 training days…it made absolutely no difference to my progress. Although, I’m not sure if this would work for everyone.

Q – What other aspects of life do you feel have changed, during the process of your new diet and training regime the past 3 months?

A – Everything has changed. I now have a sound understanding about the correlation between weight training and its positive effects on one’s body. Hunger is not part of the equation anymore. I no longer have bra overhang or a muffin top. I have a flat stomach and can wear tight clothing and be comfortable. I walk straighter and stride with more confidence; people are always surprised that I have 3 children. And I occasionally turn some heads…which hadn’t happened for awhile!

Q – What was the most difficult thing about the process? (related to diet or training or other)

A – Initially the training was a whole new world. New environment (weights room), new techniques, weight belts, wrist straps, a whole new language coupled with this strange new apparatus. First two weeks were the toughest, after that, it started to become fun.

Q – How did you find balancing the diet, training with your full time job and family life?

A – Training is only 3 times a week, so it was not too difficult to find the time. I learned that when I did train, you needed to really give 100%. And preparing my food in bulk made it much easier.

Q – Where do you want to go from here? (maintenance – is this program maintainable?)

A – I have left Recomp HQ to train on my own for over 2 months now. Maintaining my weight has been relatively easy, now I have the right tools. Because I have added muscle to my body (toned up), my metabolism has increased, which means it makes it more difficult to put on weight! Wonderful news. But, nothing comes from nothing. It is unrealistic to think that you can have a toned, lean body without any effort. Considering all the things I have tried in the past, this program has caused the least amount of disruption to my life. And an added bonus is my new found appreciation of weight training. I initially went there just to lose weight and get toned; I didn’t know I was going to walk away with a whole new skill set! Now, I navigate my way through that ‘weights room’ with confidence. With my weight belt on and wrist straps dangling, I glance around to the row of cross trainers. There is the constant stream of woman who pound them endlessly, their thighs jiggling and cellulite screaming. I secretly breathe a huge sigh of relief to myself. Relief, that I am now on this side of the gym, lean, toned and much happier…. not a bad spot to be in.


Tricia Griffin -












Before: April 2012. After: June 2012. 3 month transformation!

“My experience training with Amy has been nothing but positive and empowering. My initial assessment with Adam was spent questioning what I wanted to achieve and then discussing how their training program would work to get these results. Establishing the understanding up front that the path ahead was going to be hard work and required complete dedication made the decision for me to surrender myself to the process an easy one. My mind was set that I needed to adopt an all or nothing approach…

Amy’s training skills; knowledge, understanding and compassion have been consistently exceptional. Support was provided above and beyond what I was expecting; it was evident that this was not just a job for her but a passion. Amy guided me through her carefully written training program, taking me from 3 chiropractic visits a week, to now lifting a 100kg deadlift bar! Astonishing! I have changed my lifestyle completely, which included giving up alcohol (best decision I ever made!); 100% adaptation to diet changes and prioritising my training appointments as ‘not negotiable’. I would recommend Amy to anyone wanting to improve their strength, health, confidence and lifestyle. I have not been happier and am excited everyday to know that with each week I’ll be an even better, stronger person than the week before.”

Tricia’s body recomposition & strength results from Aug 2011 to May 2013:
Started at 66.8kg at 27% body fat – got to 58kg at 19% body fat. That’s 7kg fat loss! Starting strength – bench press 35kg, squat 40kg, deadlift 60kg (1 rep max determined at strength test), strength in May ’13 – bench press 60kg, squat 90kg, deadlift 100kg.

Tricia won the Powerzone 12 week body transformation challenge in June 2012, featured in the “Natural Bodz” magazine. The shots depict the results she achieved in just a 3-month period alone! (April to June 2012).


Carey Boyce -

carey beforecarey after

Before: October 2011. After: December 2013.

“After 12 years of ‘commercial’ gym training and eating a ‘healthy’ diet, I hadn’t reached the outcome I desired. 1 year ago; at 35 years old, with 2 children and a full time career…..I met Amy, went onto Recomposer and totally transformed my body. Amy taught me 2 vital things…
You can lift more than you think you can.. And you can work harder than you think you can. Recomposer gives you a goal to reach for every single set, so you learn to train with focus and determination to reach that goal. Everything you do is logged in BRS and you can watch your progress from week to week. I achieved everything in 1 year on Recomposer and with Amy, that I attempted to achieve for 12 years following other programs and diets.”

Carey’s body recomposition results & strength results from Jan 2012 to Jan 2013:
Started at 56.5kg at 24.1% body fat – got to 62kg at 14.2% body fat. That’s 10kg muscle gain and 4.8kg fat loss! Starting strength – bench press 50kg, squat 70kg, deadlift 90kg (1 rep max determined at strength test), strength in Jan 2013 – bench press 80kg, squat 120kg, deadlift 150kg. Current diet – 2400 calories! Started at 1600 calories, increased every 1 – 2 weeks… Now running on around 2400 calories and staying lean all year round! … No starvation diets and no cardio!


Keren Bond -

“Can not recommend Amy highly enough if you are wanting to change your body to exactly how you want it to look, even when you think it is not possible.  Thanks to Amy I lost over 16kg’s and never imagined this was possible after trying every weight loss gimmick out there, regular gyms and PT sessions over and over again to loose some weight then put it all plus more back on.  In saying this I have never eaten so much food in my life whilst watching the scales and body fat % go down consistently every week.  She goes above and beyond for all her clients and always has your best interests at heart.  I would recommend Amy to anyone who is serious about weight loss or just wants to improve their strength levels and overall health.  Sad to see so much garbage out there when it comes to fitness, health and weight loss/management – what these guys at Recomp do is the real deal, no fluffing around – just honest hard work combined with proper nutrition.  Yes you will work hard, but the rewards are more than worth it.  I never knew my body to be so lean and so strong.  Thanks Amy, words cant express how thankful I am, that you have changed my view on eating in general and the proper way to feed and fuel my body to loose and maintain my weight.” – Keren Bond

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