Initial Consultation

To get your custom program and diet, you will need to have a face-to-face initial consultation (if you are out of Melbourne click here). At the consult this is what we do:

– Measure your current body composition (body fat callipers and a scale). Set a goal body weight and body fat percentage. I explain the most suitable diet and training program with a few similar client examples. I ask you about your current health, training experience, injuries, dietary practices, allergies and various other questions so that I can write your program taking everything into consideration.

– Write a diet plan specific to your goal, with your input on the foods you prefer, explaining how this diet is most suitable for you and your goal and go through some fundamentals on macronutrients to understand why the nutrition is important in relation to your body composition goal.

– Strength Test. I teach you how to do a bench press, squat, and deadlift and get your maximum strength performance on the day. The weight you lift at your strength test forecasts how much more weight you need to be capable of lifting in order to achieve your goal. It also determines the weights for each exercise on your first program. Program typically has 3 to 4 weights sessions per week, with absolutely no cardio.

All of the above data is input into Recomposer – the online software to track everything.

Your program runs for 4 weeks, at the end of every cycle a new program is written.

The full diet and training program service includes weekly face-to-face reassessments: body-fat test, dietary adjustment. I provide ongoing support by email, text, phone when you need it. You get access to your online Recomposer account to view your training program, and for you to input your workouts as you go), your diet and meal plan, body composition goal and weekly results to track your progress in relation to what diet you were on and where your strength level was at at that given point in time.

Training sessions are an additional cost, Please contact me for available packages.

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