Online Programs and Diets

You can be anywhere in the world and access to your diet and program using the unique software, Recomposer.

Training programs run for 4 weeks. The diet and training program service includes weekly check-ins via email (or phone), you will provide your body weight and body-fat test measurements, I enter the data into the software so you can track how much body fat you’re losing and how much muscle you’re gaining each week. You will have my ongoing support when you need it. I often ask my online clients to record their working sets of compound lifts so I can provide better feedback rather than just going by the numbers they’ve input into Recomposer.

I write the diet with the foods you want to eat, so long as everything fits into the exact quantities of protein, carbs, and fats I want you to follow. The diet is the exact same foods and quantities for 7 days, then I make an adjustment based on your body composition data. Strength performances in training are also relevant to whether a diet is effective or not. Your diet plan will be adjusted weekly if needed, to maximise the positive body composition results. If your body composition result is heading in the right direction, and if you are not bored of the foods, there is no need to make a change. 

To provide you with a suitable program, I need weekly measurements of your bodyweight, and bodyfat (dexa or skinfolds). Obviously I can’t coach you over the phone or email on how to train the way I require you to train to be successful in reaching your goal, however you will be provided with clear instructions including warming up, the importance of beating your 1RM (i.e. increase strength) each week, what it means to push your body ‘to failure’ and why this is crucial to body progress. You will be shown how to input your workouts in Recomposer. To succeed with my programs you ideally need weight training experience and a genuine desire to put in the hard work, change your lifestyle and be open and honest so that I can help you along the way.

To get started, please email me and request an interview form so I have all the relevant information to write a suitable diet and program. The form requires you to measure your body fat; either with a Dexa scan or skin fold calipers. You will also need to test your maximum strength on the deadlift, squat, and bench press. All instructions are provided in the interview form. We then have an initial consultation over the phone, you’ll be provided with login details to your Recomposer account to view your current body composition, goal body composition, 4 week training program, and the first diet and meal plan. I explain how everything works, what’s expected on the training program, how to input workouts, how to warm up etc.


Purchase a 4 Week Program & Diet Full Service @ $250 each. 

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