Online Programs and Diets

If you’re unable to come to Recomp HQ in Melbourne CBD, I can provide you with diet and training programs via email. Every client gets an online account so you can be anywhere in the world and have access to your diet and program.

To be an online client, I would need regular measurements of your bodyweight, strength and bodyfat/skinfolds. Obviously I can’t coach you over the phone or email on how to train the way I require you to train to achieve a Recomp program, however you get clear instructions with the programs about warming up, the importance of beating your 1RM each week, going ‘to failure’ etc, and how to input your workouts using the App (or internet browser if using an android). To succeed at a Recomp program you need weight training experience (or be able to organise your training sessions with a strength coach), and no major injuries or insufficiencies that would prevent you from performing the program as intended. 

To set everything up you will need to complete an Interview form, this includes your weight, body fat and strength test weights (1RMs on the deadlift, squat, and bench press – to forecast how much you will have to push/pull to achieve your goal. Once I have all the information, I will call you and provide you with login details to Recomposer. This is where you will view your current and goal body composition, training program, diet and meal plan.

I write your diet with your input, so you get to choose the foods you want to eat and meal timing to suit your day – however there are always specific nutrient targets I want those foods to fit into (e.g. a high carb diet VS high fat diet, different quantities of different foods for it to work) – it has to be the same diet plan for 7 days then it’s adjusted based on your body composition data (body weight, body fat, and muscle), and strength performances in training. Your diet plan will be adjusted regularly (weekly if needed), to maximise the positive body composition results. 

Each training program goes for 4 weeks. The diet and training program service includes weekly check-ins via email (or phone), you will provide your body weight and body-fat test measurements, I enter the data into the software and it will show how much weight you’ve “dieted off”, how much muscle you’ve “trained on”, and the net fat loss result. I adjust your diet and training program to maximise the next week’s results. Sometimes an adjustment is not needed – “if it’s not broken don’t fix it!”. You get my ongoing support by email, text, phone – when you need it. The Recomposer software is for you to access your training program, diet, body composition goal and weekly results. You’re responsible for entering workouts at the gym, so I can monitor your progress and make adjustments.

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