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Do you want to build a leaner more athletic body and be the best version of yourself? Do you want a clear precise training and diet plan that specifically relates to achieving the body you want?

I will coach you how to train to your physical limit safely and consistently, to make rapid strength gains. I teach you how to achieve the program’s expectations, which are directly related to your goal body composition. I’ve been where you are – pushing outside of your comfort zone, overcoming mental blocks, I push my own body to its limits to make significant strength gains and I can help you do the same.

To get leaner or, to be ‘toned’ and have less fat, you have to get stronger to stress the body so much that it has “a reason to change”. Training programs prescribe every weight to lift on every exercise. It will tell you exactly what weight and reps you have to do each week to beat your previous performance. I write a new program every 4 weeks.

At training sessions I teach you the skills you need to achieve the expectations of the program, which are necessary to reach your body goal. I teach you how to break through mental barriers, push beyond the point where your mind says to quit, and conditioning your body to the weight. You will learn how to train on your own.

It is so important to fuel your body adequately, or it will not change. A spots nutrition diet is unlike others, it is designed to work only with a strength training program, and to achieve positive body composition changes. You get to pick the foods you want to eat, in line with the macronutrient breakdown I want to give you. You are given a list of the exact foods to eat (no variations), exactly how much to eat (you must weigh food on a kitchen scale), and a meal plan. Every 7 days, I measure your body composition, and adjust your diet according to this data, and you may request changes to foods at this time.

All diets and training programs are accessed online.  

If you would like to get started, please contact me by mobile or email below, to book an initial consultation.

Mobile: 0416 887 559


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