Complete Body Recomp Package

At Recomp HQ I offer a complete package with a diet, training programs, weekly body fat testing, plus 2 weekly coaching sessions at a discounted rate. 

What you get –

- diet and meal plan: written with your input, to suit your goal.

- custom 4 week training program: written in line with your goal, experience -level, and strength-level (re-written every 4 weeks).

- 2 x 1 hour coaching sessions each week. To learn how to train, get stronger on every exercise every week, how to push to failure, how to push through mental barriers to make progress.

- weekly reassessments: body fat test and diet adjustment. 

- Online Recomposer account: where you will view your program, diet, meal plan, current and goal body composition, weekly body composition results. 

- I teach you how to use the Recomposer software to input your workouts. Every workout is measured against your previous performance using the 1-rep-max calculators built into the Recomposer software.

Cost –

Only $200/week … (normally $259). Minimum commitment is 6 weeks. Payment required at the beginning of each week by cash, card or bank transfer. *There’s a one-off cost of $130 for first consult and strength test, required at the time of booking your consult. 

How to get started –

Book an initial consult to do the following:

  • Measure your body composition, set a goal body composition (body weight and body fat percentage).
  • Strength test in the gym on 3 exercises, these numbers are used to write a suitable training program. (Note there is a one-off cost of $130 for the 1hr strength test).
  • Diet written with the foods you want, according to the nutrient targets you need to be on. 
  • I ask you about your health, medical history, dietary requirements (allergies etc), previous diet and training experience, current diet, and current training if any. 

Many ‘transformation challenges’ involve a very low calorie diet that isn’t maintainable, you’re hungry all the time, and often ith a weight training program that is well below your strength capability (light weights, sets of 10-12 reps? sound familiar?), and some include cardio or HIIT that leaves you run-down, hungry all the time

Recomp diets are very specific, you are required to weigh your food so that exact adjustments can be made, based on your body composition measurements each week. Your diet is written to work with your strength training program, to create the body you want. Your training program is written according to your strength test. Regardless of how strong you are, to drop fat, tone up, you must push your body to your physical limit at every workout. We never prescribe any cardio! – it is detrimental and in our experience with clients who introduce it; it will stall or undo muscle gain and fat loss.

Read more about Recomp HQ Coaching here.

Contact me for more information or to book your initial consultation – 

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Programs, Diets, and Training

Do you want to build a leaner more athletic body and be the best version of yourself? Do you want a clear precise training and diet plan that specifically relates to achieving the body you want? I have the experience, knowledge, qualifications and tools to help you do exactly that. I’m motivated and passionate about strength training and nutrition – ever since 2011 I have planned, recorded, and measured my own training and diet to achieve a leaner and stronger body.

I coach you how to train to your physical limit safely and consistently, to make rapid strength gains. I teach you how to achieve the program’s expectations, which are directly related to your goal body composition. I’ve been where you are – pushing outside of your comfort zone, overcoming mental blocks, I push my own body to its limits to make significant strength gains and I can help you do the same.

Strength relates directly to how much muscle you have, to get leaner (or, to be ‘toned’ and see more definition) you have to get stronger. Custom training programs prescribe every weight to lift on every exercise and when you input your workouts, it tells you exactly what you have to do the following week to beat those performances. I write you a new program each month to ensure your strength continues to increase and your body continues to change.

At a training session I teach you the  skills you need to achieve the expectations set out on your programs, which are necessary to reach your body goal. I teach you how to break through mental barriers, push beyond the point where your mind says to quit, and conditioning your body to the weight.

A program will fail without correct measured nutrition. It’s important to fuel your body correctly or you simply can’t expect to change it. I write all diets with client input. No “starvation” diets or caloric-deficits. You’re given a list of exactly what foods to eat, exactly how much to eat, and how to split the total food into meals throughout your day. Every 7 I measure your body composition, and adjust the diet accordingly. My female clients drop 2% body-fat per month on average while training only 3 times a week, following a planned and measured diet that nourishes, energises and positively changes them. Note this is based on 100% compliance to the diet and training plans – the best results are achieved from consistency and commitment!

All of your diets and training programs are accessible on your Recomposer account online. Everything is planned, measured, tracked. 

SPECIAL OFFER! – 2 x one-on-one coaching sessions per week with me at Recomp HQ + a diet and meal plan + training program, plus weekly body composition testing + diet updates. Read more here.

If you would like to get started, please contact me to book an initial consultation.

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Egg-cellent Eggs

I often get asked about my diet… Questions like, How many carbs do you eat? How much protein do you eat? Do you eat the whole egg? …. I answer with: Yep I eat the whole egg, in fact 8 whole eggs everyday. A common response to this is “Oh! but they say you shouldn’t *gasp* – because of cholesterol!”…

People are terrified of cholesterol but most don’t actually know anything about it, and that it’s in fact a vital part of your body being able to function. Your body would literally die without cholesterol, it’s found in every cell membrane in your body; it’s involved in the production of hormones including vitamin D, and it’s the key to neurological function. There are thousands of processes that require cholesterol. We NEED cholesterol, and not only does the egg yolk also contain this, it also has choline, which is a fatty acid that directly impacts on the brain’s production of neurotransmitters. Basically, this is necessary for good emotional and mental health.

Google the words “egg and cholesterol” and you’ll find pages of info on the benefits of the egg, and cholesterol, and everything I’m about to write. But I wanted to say it my way, and throw in some links. So, here you go:

The egg contains healthy and necessary dietary fats, plus many micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). There are numerous well documented studies that show the eggs in fact have insignificant effects on blood cholesterol and are NOT associated with an increased cardiovascular risk. The primary causes of heart disease are actually inflammation and oxidative stress, brought on by a diet high in processed food, trans fat and/or modified fats, and sugar (specifically fructose, which in excess of 15g/day wreaks havoc on your body). Cut out all of these things instead, and keep whole free-range organic eggs in your diet (if you can manage to find these, and the label isn’t a lie!)

Feed your body the nutrients it really needs: high-quality, unprocessed whole food, instead of highly-processed stuff that claims to be food! Your body won’t have a reason to hold onto excess body fat if you are not depriving it of nutrients. Starve it of something it needs to grow and positively change, and it will do what it does best: fight back. i.e holding onto body fat and make no progress.

I specialise in custom programs and diets for you to get stronger and leaner; reaching the exact level of body fat and muscle mass you desire. This is not just for get a physique like a bodybuilder all ripped, lean and with hard abs – No! This is for anyone who genuinely wants to change their body, be better than average, and willing to work hard to get it. In fact 99% of my clients are beginners, before coming to me, they had never trained with weights in their life. But they have the work ethic, the right attitude, and the right mindset to get the work done and get absolutely OUTSTANDING results. View my testimonials page for a few examples, and watch my personal Facebook page for ongoing updates on client progress stats. – programs and diets.

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