Complete Body Recomp Package

At Recomp HQ I am now offering a complete package of diets, programs, weekly body fat test, and 2x weekly coaching sessions. This is beyond a transformation challenge – you will transform your body intelligently and be able to maintain the results – you’ll learn you can eat more and train less to get the body you want. 

What you get –

- diet and meal plan: written with your input, to suit your goal.

- custom 4 week training program: written in line with your goal, experience -level, and strength-level (re-written every 4 weeks).

- 2 x 1hr coaching sessions per week: learn how to train, get stronger on every exercise every week, how to push to failure, and how to push through mental barriers to make genuine progress.

- weekly reassessments: body fat test and an adjustment to your diet/training program if required.

- Online Recomposer account: view your programs, diet, meal plan, weekly body composition results, goal body composition, goal strength numbers. Everything is tracked.

Cost –

Special discounted rate of $200/week … (normally $260/week). Minimum commitment is 6 weeks. 

How to get started –

Book an assessment with me at Recomp HQ to do the following:

  • measure your body composition, and set a goal body composition (lean mass, fat mass, body fat %).
  • strength test: I coach you to lift the most weight you are capable of on the bench press, squat, and deadlift (1-rep-max). I can tell you how strong you’ll need to become to reach your exact body goal, and the numbers are used to write a suitable training program. (Note there is a one-off cost of $130 for the 1hr strength test).
  • a diet is written with your input on the foods you want  and when (your individual circumstances taken into account to write all programs, i.e. health and medical history, dietary requirements, previous diet and training experiences, current diet and training if any). 

A lot of ‘transformation challenges’ involve a low calorie diet that starves you and ruins your metabolism, unnecessary supplements, a weight training program that is well below your true capability (light weights, sets of 10-12 reps?), and excessive steady state cardio or HIIT that makes you run-down, hungry ALL the time, and leads to a really bad rebound when it’s all over…

Recomp diets are specific and planned, written specifically to achieve your goal body composition – no fads, no starvation. Your Recomp training program is written specifically in line with your body goal, the purpose is to push your body to its limit at every session, with a focus on compound lifts (and never any cardio!).

Read more about Recomp HQ Coaching here.

Contact me for more information or to book your initial consultation – Mob 0416 887 559 Email

Programs, Diets, and Training

Do you want to build a leaner more athletic body and be the best version of yourself? Do you want a clear precise training and diet plan that specifically relates to achieving the body you want? I have the experience, knowledge, qualifications and tools to help you do exactly that. I’m motivated and passionate about strength training and nutrition – ever since 2011 I have planned, recorded, and measured my own training and diet to achieve a leaner and stronger body.

I coach you how to train to your physical limit safely and consistently, to make rapid strength gains. I teach you how to achieve the program’s expectations, which are directly related to your goal body composition. I’ve been where you are – pushing outside of your comfort zone, overcoming mental blocks, I push my own body to its limits to make significant strength gains and I can help you do the same.

Strength relates directly to how much muscle you have, to get leaner (or, to be ‘toned’ and see more definition) you have to get stronger. Custom training programs prescribe every weight to lift on every exercise and when you input your workouts, it tells you exactly what you have to do the following week to beat those performances. I write you a new program each month to ensure your strength continues to increase and your body continues to change.

At a training session I teach you the  skills you need to achieve the expectations set out on your programs, which are necessary to reach your body goal. I teach you how to break through mental barriers, push beyond the point where your mind says to quit, and conditioning your body to the weight.

A program will fail without correct measured nutrition. It’s important to fuel your body correctly or you simply can’t expect to change it. I write all diets with client input. No “starvation” diets or caloric-deficits. You’re given a list of exactly what foods to eat, exactly how much to eat, and how to split the total food into meals throughout your day. Every 7 I measure your body composition, and adjust the diet accordingly. My female clients drop 5% body-fat per month on average while training only 3 times a week, following a planned and measured diet that nourishes, energises and positively changes them. Note this is based on 100% compliance to the diet and training plans – the best results are achieved from consistency and commitment!

All of your diets and training programs are accessible on your Recomposer account online. Everything is planned, measured, tracked. 

If you would like to get started, please contact me to book an initial consultation.

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Low calorie diet damage

99% of women I speak to about their current dietary practices tell me they’re on a low-carb 1200 (or less!) calorie a day diet. I don’t know where exactly this ‘magical number’ of 1200 comes from, what these women are reading or who they are listening to, and why they trust this ‘rule’ for weight-loss. This is very concerning. The most recent conversation was with a woman who had just completed an 8 week challenge that involved following a diet of just under 1000 calories a day, mostly just made up of fish, eggs, nuts, and 50g spinach. She had to exercise 5 to 6 times a week, involving cardio, boot camp, weight training. In the final week of the challenge she had to do a 12 hour training circuit of some sort. This was the most shocking dietary advice and training practices for weight loss I’ve personally encountered so far.

Restricting calories and increasing exercise doesn’t work for very long at all. You simply wind up looking a bit smaller than before, but still soft, not remotely athletic-looking, you feel run down, moody, and sleep quality is terrible. The only next move is to eat more and take a break from exercise, because you’re fed up with your lack of progress, or you get sick and everything ‘goes out the window’. At this point your weight balloons back to where it was before, or higher. And the vicious cycle continues. 

Low calorie diets RUIN your body. To name a few things, they can create hormone imbalances, impair your immune system, and damage your thyroid function, which regulates your metabolism…the list goes on. 

There is a better way to change your body composition. You can actually drop fat by eating MORE (of the right balance of essential nutrients) and doing LESS hours of training (with WEIGHTS – no cardio). Doing an average of 3 weight training sessions per week with specific targets that correspond directly to your specific body composition goal, doesn’t that make more sense? Eating a proper sports nutrition diet that gives you energy to train, keeps you satisfied, energised and dropping fat at the same time, doesn’t that sound more appealing? On top of changing your body composition, you consequently improve your health simply by eating a diet rich in essential nutrients. Most imbalances created by poor diet, can be corrected by a proper prescribed diet written by a Sports Nutritionist.

“We specialise in body recomposition: creating leaner and/or more muscular bodies, by design. We prescribe measured diets & weight training to achieve the exact level of bodyfat and muscle mass you desire. No ambiguity. No compromise. Pure body recomposition” RECOMP:HQ

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